We are here for you

“Welcoming guests is not a profession, it’s a passion!” Christian Eckert, Managing Director, sets the example by demonstrating this credo daily. An attitude that is reflected among our 50-odd staff members and forms a familiar bond, inspiring our dedicated personnel to extend a warm and professional welcome to you.

Managing Director


Dedicated to this establishment, his team, his guests and acting as a mentor, friend, and host, he always maintains a fine balance between continuous presence and space-giving distance.

This year, Christian has been presented with the prestigious award “Hotelier of the year 2023” from the branch association HotellerieSuisse.

Deputy Managing Director

Anna Kurth

Commitment, reliability, and dedication – these outstanding qualities along with Anna’s continuous good-humor and her charming Bernese accent make every day a brighter day at the hotel.

Front Office Manager


Extremely conscientious and with a dedication to the smallest details in order to perfect the overall picture, Philipp has been presenting our house to guests for over 10 years.

Assistant Front Office Manager

Laura Adlassnig

Finding creative solutions to unusual guest requests makes Laura light up – and sparkle with charm and wit.

Executive Housekeeper

Armanda Moreira de Sousa

After seven years it is impossible to imagine the lodge without Armanda. Any challenge is mastered with reassuring calmness and her ability to create
space for our guests’ individual wishes.

Assistant Executive Housekeeper

Susana Mota

Passionate about travelling to faraway destinations; focused, reliable, and efficient, Susana ensures order in the microcosm of THE OMNIA.

F&B Manager

Timo Muchen­berger

His well-versed wine knowledge, special recommendations and 
surprising insider tips of every kind will expand any gourmet’s horizon.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Cédric Brantz

A trained Chef who engages with his expertise, dedication and precision, Cédric, remains calm at all times. Is this a result of his passion, ice bathing?

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Marcel Schäfer

Just ordered, already served; with excellent manners and a lot of personality, Marcel’s service is in evidence throughout the establishment.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Leandro Sutter

Courteous and considerate, Leandro hails from the Appenzell and delights in making sure our guests feel well looked after.

Bar Manager


Mixing with skillful precision, Gianluca creates sensational cocktails – and his sharp wit contributes to our guests’ and the team’s good mood equally.

Executive Chef


An extremely experienced chef, Tony is dedicated to infusing his culinary creations with seasonality and authentic Alpine flavors. In the hectic daily routine of the kitchen or the untamed wilderness where he enjoys his passion for the mountains, Tony’s stoic calm stands him in good stead.

Executive Sous-Chef

Nicola Sterchi

As focused as he is when working in the kitchen, Nicola also likes to joke around with his colleagues. A dedicated sportsman who never loses his cool.

Head of Technical Services


Clever as a fox and nimble as a mountain goat, Stefan, born and bred in the Valais, can fix anything. High and low, at all times, and almost invisible – he works behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly in our house.