The shady guest

Our very best wishes for the New Year. We look forward to further unforgettable moments at THE OMNIA.

The Shady Guest is a mysterious hotel story depicted in twelve images. Follow the developments here and on Instagram, influence them, gain insights and win small gifts.

Thomas Ott, renowned Swiss illustrator, portrays THE OMNIA from an unusual perspective.


Share your thoughts, theories, and suspicions on Instagram – let us know what you suspect this guest’s hidden secrets are and how the story at THE OMNIA will progress.

Take part in this mysterious adventure and anticipate the next chapter!

The mysterious figure is revealed

as its falling coat uncovers three surprising visitors. What are these impudent mountain imps up to? Did you expect these guests?

Please share your thoughts with us here.

Ready for a break?

Our impish guests have their own way of amusing themselves. You, too, could discover the many merits of a Tower Suite.

Breathtaking views, an inspirational library, a glass of bourbon in front of a cozy fireplace – relax and enjoy your time with us.

This is the text of the center hot spot

Behind the scenes

As the hotel settles down for the night, our mischievous guests start their adventure quest through nighttime THE OMNIA.

And so can you. If you wish to throw a glance behind the scenes on your next visit, Managing Director Christian Eckert or Deputy Director Anna Kurth will be happy to lead you around the parts of the hotel that normally remain hidden to guests. Simply mention the words “Behind the scenes” to Anna Kurth.